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When a person thinks about carpet cleaning services, they often think about having their carpets shampooed, but there are many important services that are offered by a carpet cleaning company. Many of these services can be beneficial to you and make your life easier.

Carpet cleaning is more than a shampoo

With today’s modern carpet cleaning equipment, the service of professional steam cleaning is offered to both home and business owners. This technique is good for most carpets and allows steam to penetrate deep into the fabric breaking loose particles of dirt and sucking them up into the cleaner. Older methods would only clean the top surface of a carpet.

Removing stains and odors

A good carpet cleaning company has chemicals that are not available at your local supermarket and are industrial strength. This combined with the skill and experience of a professional carpet cleaner means that many tough stains can be removed. These are the stains that a typical home owner would never be able to remove on their own. Odors can be numerous and removing them seemingly impossible. Those that are embedded in the carpet can be removed by a carpet cleaning company. It can be the odor from pets or perhaps smoke, but whatever the source, removing the odor can be done by professionals.

Services extend beyond carpets

A good carpet cleaning service will also offer many of the same services for rugs and upholstery. If you find yourself with a sofa or recliner that is difficult to clean, you will be surprised at what a professional upholstery cleaner can do to rejuvenate your living room furniture.

Water extraction

This is a service that is often needed during am emergency. There are many sources of flooding, but once the source of the water is shut off, the removal of water is the next step. It takes too much time and effort to attempt to remove the water by hand. There are professional technicians waiting for your call that can come to your home and begin to remove the water with professional equipment. This can be done quickly and efficiently. It is important to have this done quickly because water can do extensive damage to a home or building.

Even without extensive flooding, water can be impossible to remove from a carpet. Professional carpet cleaners have access to wet vacuums that can suck up water just as a household vacuum picks up dirt. This is the best way to get the job done, but you need to leave it to a professional to take care of wet carpets.

Emergency Services

Not only does a professional carpet cleaning service offer a wide range of services, but they also offer them 24 hours a day seven days a week. Although an appointment can be made for services performed during regular business hours, an issue with flooding is something that cannot wait to be fixed.

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