Pet Odor Treatment

Pet Odor Treatment

Pets bring great joy to their owners with their wagging tails and satisfied purrs. However, every pet owner knows that at some point, even the best-behaved animal will occasionally have an accident. Unfortunately, pet accidents can ruin carpet and upholstery within a matter of minutes, even when you do your best to clean it up quickly.

In addition to lingering and unsightly stains, the odor from an accident can stick around long after it has been cleaned unless you have professional help with removal. To ease the frustration that many pet owners have with multiple attempts to remove pet urine smell to no avail, we at All Action Water Extraction & Carpet Cleaning offer a pet odor and stain removal that is guaranteed to take care of your pet accident so that no evidence is left behind.

Our Pet Stain and Odor Removal Services vs. Regular Products

At the first sign of a pet accident, many of our customers try to remove the stain using regular products that claim to be efficient at removing stains and odors. Unfortunately, many of these products must be used liberally over a large surface area and do little more than to spread the stain. At worst, do-it-yourself methods may lead to mold, further staining and over-saturation which is why it is best to leave pet stain removal in the hands of our expert technicians.

Pet Accident Removal Procedure

It is important for all pet owners to understand how a simple pet accident can lead to extreme pet odors that are difficult to remove. Generally, when a cat or dog urinates on carpet or upholstered fabric, the urine seeps through the outer cloth and is absorbed by the cushioning material beneath the surface. If the accident occurred on carpet floors, then the urine can soak through the padding and into the surface flooring at the bottom.

At this point, our pet odor removal specialists describe this as a multi-layered stain that can spread the urine scent throughout your entire home. In fact, anyone who has ever experienced one of these types of accidents will know that only expert removal can eradicate the source of the odor. When this type of odor-causing accident occurs, our expert technicians will treat your home using an extraction technique that focuses on using neutralizers on your sub-surface areas. This method can effectively remove the source of the odor while restoring your home to its original neutral scent.

Pet Stain Removal Process

Many pet owners are surprised that their pet’s accident can leave a stain that will not come out using traditional home methods. This severe staining can most often be attributed to the special dyes that are used by pet food manufacturers. After consuming the food, the dye is passed through your pet’s system and can be seen in their urine.

At All Action Water Extraction & Carpet Cleaning, we have a special formula for our cleaning solution that involves using a high pH level to cause the dyes to lift from your carpet or upholstery. If you have scrubbed and grown frustrated by your lack of progress, then we can assure you that no amount of elbow grease will release these dyes without a special cleaning solution. After using our special pet stain removal formula, we then rinse the area that has been treated so that the solution is not left behind. We offer our pet stain removal service as part of a combined package that includes odor removal, or you can choose to have our technician’s perform stain removal alone. As always, we at All Action Water Extraction & Carpet Cleaning, aim to please our customers and can offer you a guarantee on every service you need to restore your home after a pet accident.

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