Flood Cleanup

Flood Cleanup

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A flood is one of the most devastating events that can happen to a home. Whether the water reaches 1 inch or 12 inches high, your flooring and furniture have severe damage. As a professional water extraction company, All Action Water Extraction & Carpet Cleaning understands your frustration and pledge our expertise to get your home back to normal. The cleanup process after a flood is unique to each structure, but typically involves some common actions.

Before We Arrive

To keep the home safe before we arrive, it is critical to stop the water influx. If you have a broken pipe, turn your water supply off at the main valve. Unplug all electrical items in the flooded area, if it is safe to access them. Water is a perfect conductor for electricity, so avoid the flooded area otherwise until we arrive.

Removing Water Promptly

Our initial goal is to remove the water from the home. Depending on the water’s height, we may bring pumps into the room, allowing them to move the water from the inside to an appropriate outside drain. If your home is large, along with extensive flooding, we may use several pumps. These machines are quick to remove the water, but the entire flood cleanup often takes several days.

Once most of the water is pumped out, we use specialized wet vacuums to suck the water from the flooring, especially carpeting. We may need to run the machine over the floor several times to completely remove the moisture. As the flooring is treated, we can also evaluate if any materials need to be completely removed, such as decaying drywall or flooring sections.

Using Air For Drying

Removing water physically from the flooring does not automatically make the home dry. We will bring in fans and dehumidifiers to move moisture out of the space. Windows and doors should be open, allowing as much flowing air through the structure as possible. Ideally, we need a constant wind moving moist air out of the structure. We also have moisture meters that give us an accurate account of the home’s humidity level. It is critical to remove as much moisture as possible to rejuvenate the space.

Evaluating Toxins

Flooded homes are vulnerable to mold and mildew growth. Black mold, in particular, is physically harmful to the human body, making it imperative to have us check for any growths. We can treat and remove most molds using disinfectants, along with deodorizers to remove any wet scents. It may be necessary to remove some materials that cannot be recovered through cleaning processes. For example, mold covering several square feet of a drywall section may not be treated successfully with disinfectants exclusively. We may need to suggest removal and replacement of the drywall to make your home safe and clean again.

Cleanup after a flood is a strategic process, requiring a professional’s evaluation through our highly-trained staff. Keep your family safe by contacting a professional today. Your health and safety depend on a clean and dry home after a flooding event.

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