Emergency Advice

Emergency Advice

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What to do After Flooding

  • If the water damage is caused by a burst or ruptured pipe, make sure to turn the water off at the nearest pipe.
  • Unplug all electronics from outlets in the damaged area. If needed, turn of breakers first.
  • Remove lamps, and table top items, wipe water from wood furniture
  • Relocate wet upholstery to a “propped up” position, away from the affected area
  • Use wooden blocks, or aluminum foil to separate furniture from wet carpeting
  • Relocate valuable items such as art to a dry location, away from the damaged area
  • Remove loose items from wet carpet or flooring

What NOT to do After Flooding

  • Do NOT attempt to remove carpet that was professionally installed, or has been tacked down.
  • Do NOT leave wet fabrics in affected area.
  • Do NOT leave books, magazines, or other colored items which may bleed color on wet surfaces
  • Do NOT use a normal household vacuum to remove excess water
  • Do NOT use electrical items, such as television, vacuum, or other household appliances
  • Do NOT turn on or use any ceiling fixtures if ceiling is wet. If the ceiling shows water damage, avoid rooms where there is damage is present.

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