Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Area rugs serve several purposes in a room. They add elegance, define space and protect carpeting in high traffic areas. On hardwood or tile floors, area rugs add warmth and character to the interior décor. Because they are often placed in foyers, halls and in front of sofas, they may become dirtier quicker than other areas of the room. All Action Water Extraction & Carpet Cleaning offers the finest equipment and proprietary solutions in the carpet cleaning industry to clean your area rugs. Whatever their condition, in most cases, we can make them look like new. No matter what the construction material and style of your area rug, one of our technicians will analyze it and give you a no-obligation quote.

Fine Textiles need Special Care

Genuine Oriental rugs will last for years and, in some cases, for centuries. They are usually heirloom quality and, if properly cared for, will retain their unique colors and design. In most cases, they are a valuable investment, and, at All Action Water Extraction & Carpet Cleaning, our technicians give them the care and attention they require.

Our cleaning process uses less water than conventional steam cleaning, which has the advantage of being clean and dry in a few hours rather than in a few days. We have the tools and equipment that has been designed especially for cleaning area rugs and offer, what we call, a powerful soft cleaning process. Naturally carbonated water and air are used along with the tools to deep clean the rug while reducing wicking. Water that is left on the rug after a conventional steam cleaning will wick to the surface and bring along dirt. The powerful machines used by our technicians, along with the specialized drying technique and cleaning solution, which is non-toxic and safe for children and animals, leaves the rug almost completely dry. Since the process uses less water that is sucked away along with the dirt and dries quickly, the fibers retain their color and integrity, and the area rug looks like new. Your rug will need cleaning less often because the our cleaning process does not leave any sticky residue in the rug that will act as a magnet to attract dust and dirt.

We also offer a special protectant for wool carpets. It is a fluorocarbon, water-based product created to repel soil and stains on wool carpets. Since most valuable Oriental rugs are made from wool, this is a good solution for keeping them cleaner longer.

Our technicians who apply the cleaning process understand that Oriental carpets in the Middle East have lasted for years and still look fresh. That is why we follow the basic cleaning process practiced there. With our wool protectant, we can take it one step further and shield the carpet fibers from soil. We offer specialty treatment for pet urine removal that will save even a severely urine damage area.

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