Tile & Grout

Tile & Grout

All Action Water Extraction & Carpet Cleaning in Burleson, Texas provides state-of-the-art tile and grout cleaning services for all your tile flooring and countertops. Stone and tiles are increasingly popular in both homes and commercial buildings. Whether the choice is ceramic, marble, slate, granite, travertine or soapstone, each tiling choice has its strong points for different applications.

What Type Is Your Tile?

  • Ceramic Tiles include tiles made of clay and minerals bound with water. The mixture is compacted together and fired in a kiln at high temperatures until they are hardened. Ceramic tiles can be glazed or unglazed. Glazed tiles have a liquid glass coating, which helps the tile resist staining and scratching. The coating also protects the tile from fading and it is easier to clean. Unglazed ceramic tiles are not coated and are evenly colored all the way through the tile. These features make the unglazed ceramic tile perfect for high-traffic flooring needs.
  • Stone Tiles include natural varieties such as granite, marble, slate and limestone. A polished stone features a mirror finish, ideal for walls and low-traffic areas. They should not be subjected to abrasive materials.

Keep Your Tile Sparkling

Keeping tile clean can be a challenge for the homeowner or office building owner. Sweeping and mopping is a daily necessity, but periodic professional cleaning and sealing are necessary to maintain the floors looking their best.

Regular professional cleaning is necessary to remove the oil, grease and fine grains of dirt and soil mix that create a thin film on the tile’s surface. This film cannot be removed with a mop or ordinary cleaning chemicals. Eventually, the surface will become dull and dingy.

The technicians from All Action Water Extraction & Carpet Cleaning will use brush agitation and specific cleaners meant for each type of tile necessary to clean this film from the tiles and keep their natural splendor. Extend the life of your tile grouting, call us today!

Cleaning Your Grouting

Grout is a thin mortar that fills the spaces between the tile and masonry. Keeping the grouting used between countertop and bathroom tiles is extremely important. Not only dirt, but also bacteria build up in the grouting if not kept perfectly clean and sanitized. Even a dangerous substance such as black mold has been known to grow in neglected tile grouting.

Grout is very porous and accumulates stains that are hard to reach, let alone clean. Homes with pets have a hard time cleaning the grout between floor tiles. The stains, dirt and bacteria are hard-to-reach, particularly in areas such as joints and corners. Grout absorbs urine, dirt and other contaminates which causes unpleasant odors and spreads germs throughout your home or offices.

Our cleaning process will clean all the dirt, food particles, soap scum and bacteria from your tile grouting. By using the services of All Action Water Extraction & Carpet Cleaning, your grouting will be scrubbed with our special cleaning and sealing processes.

Our technicians can keep your grout protected between visits by sealing the grout between all your tiled surfaces. Your daily cleaning process will be easier and more effective and your grouting will stay cleaner longer.

Give us a call at (817) 829-6628 and see how we can take care of all your tile and grout cleaning needs!